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Without any doubt, we always offer the best service with the most competitive rates of the market.

If what you expect is to form your own Spanish Limited Company in an easy and safe way, and at an extremely competitive cost, you can count on using the professional services of our lawyers Firm, who will do all the procedures to incorporate your new Spanish Limited Company anywhere in Spain, including all kind of procedures, from requesting and obtaining the registered name to the definitive registration in the corresponding Company Registry, as well as all the procedures needed to enable the Company to start to operate (such as the preparation and legal revision of the statutes, the arrangement of the preparation and signing of the title deed with the Notary, obtaining the fiscal identity number (CIF), the authentication and registration of the book of shareholders and minutes, etc )

Fees for the incorporation of a new Limited Company: only 450 € + VAT

Regardless of the management and advice fees for incorporating a new Spanish Limited Company, you will have to deposit the share capital (at least 3.006 €) and pay for the necessary expenses and taxes for the incorporation of your new Spanish Limited Company, such as requesting and obtaining the registered name, notaries fees and supplies, TP-AJD tax, fees and expenses of registration in the Company Registry, publication in BORME (official legal gazette), the acquisition, authentication and registration of share books, partners, etc., which total amount will depend on several factors (share capital amount, shareholders or administrators number, as others).

Despite of all the above-mentioned costs, it is the cheapest way to form your own Spanish Limited Company and start your new business. Nevertheless, you could NOT begin to operate immediately, due to the fact that the procedures of incorporation of the Company will take some time (the obtaining of the Fiscal Identity Number (CIF) and the registration of the Company in the Registry).

If what you want or need is to start to operate in the name of a Spanish Limited Company immediately, the best option for you is to get one of our ready made Spanish Limited Companies with absolute guarantee of previous inactivity. In that case, the deposit of the share capital (at least 3.006 €) will be not necessary and you can make good use of other unquestionable advantages, apart from avoiding the sometimes long and complicated procedures that mean incorporating a new Spanish Limited Company. We offer you the best, fastest and cheapest service: in less than 24 hours you can start to operate with your own Spanish Limited Company, with no problems, no fuss at all.

The final price of an 'ready made' Spanish Limited Company will depend on several factors, such as the Notary office where the deeds are going to be signed or in which Company Registry is the new administrator going to be registered, the number of new shareholders or administrators and other factors (possible change of the Company name, change of the activity or statutes of the Company deeds, publication in the official gazette, possible file transfer to another city, possible Notary or Registry extra fees or expenses, etc), but, in any case, WE GUARANTEE THE MOST COMPETITIVE RATES OF THE MARKET.

In order to ensure the clarity, and in view of the individual needing or special requirements of each client, we always prepare an EXACT, CLOSED AND GUARANTEED budget, in order to let you know from the first moment the TOTAL AND DEFINITIVE expenses to complete the transaction under the ALL INCLUSIVE option, without surprises or 'extra' expenses not initially considered.


  • Choice of a Notary not used by our company: the costs for the deed for the purchase of the shares will be paid in full by the client, along with any travel expenses which may be incurred.

  • Travel expenses:

     Notaries not used by our company, but situated within the same town 70 €
     To locations at less than 50kms from a Notary used by us 150 €
     To locations at a distance of between 51kms and 100 kms from a Notary used by us 225 €
     To locations at a distance of between 101kms and 200 kms from a Notary used by us 250 €
     To locations at a distance of between 201kms and 400 kms from a Notary used by us 300 €
     To locations situated at more than 400kms from a Notary used by us 350 €

  • Transfer of the file to another province: 250 euros, which includes the transfer costs, Notary fees and the fees for the Mercantile Registry.

  • Companies with only one shareholder: 200 euros, which includes the extra costs for the Notary and the Mercantile Registry.

  • Companies with various administrators or a board of administrators: 100 euros for each additional administrator or member, which includes the extra costs for the Notary and Mercantile Registry.

  • Change of name: 250 euros, including fees for obtaining the certified name from the Central Mercantile Registry, along with the costs for the Notary and the inscription in the Mercantile Registry.

  • Shareholders or administrators non resident in Spain: 100 euros, for completion of the necessary statistical documentation.

  • More than four new shareholders: 100 euros for each new extra shareholder.

  • Increase in share capital: 200 euros plus the taxes and Notary and Registry fees incurred by the increase.


  • For purchase of multiple companies: consult discounts available according to the quantity purchased.

  • For lawyers, consultants and other professionals: consult the allowances and other special conditions.
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